The Heard Museum recently updated its mission, and they now seek to represent the cultures of Hispanic peoples as part of the area’s Indigenous population.  For its first major exhibit under the museum’s new purview, the Heard chose to feature a Mexican artist that will be familiar to many people–Frida Kahlo. The exhibit, which opens on Halloween, will feature many photographs that Frida either composed or collected. There is also a corresponding exhibit opening that will show the art of a local group of female artists here in Phoenix who draw their inspiration from Frida’s art. They aptly call themselves “The Fridas.”

What I am most excited about in this exhibit is that many of these photographs hung in Frida’s bedroom and from them she drew the inspiration from her art. Frida was involved in a bus accident in her youth that resulted in her needing approximately 30 surgeries throughout her life. She lived her life in constant pain, and toward the end of her life she spent much of her time bedridden. Nevertheless, she still found ways to paint from her bed. I look forward to the opportunity to see these images collectively and separately and try to understand the connections that the artist made between them, her imagination and her talent.