When I tell people that I’m the Web Archivist at the Arizona State Archives, they often ask for more clarification on what I do, and rightly so. Web archiving is a relatively new but steadily growing field in archival studies. As the majority of our written communication in the present is digital-born, archivists and historians are scrambling for ways to preserve that information for posterity. In the meantime, much of the content in emails, websites, texts, tweets and the like is being permanently lost.

I wrote this blog post for the Arizona State Archives to explain how we preserve the websites for the State of Arizona and its corresponding social media. My position is funded by an LSTA grant and Arizona is exceptional because I am able to dedicate all of my time to web archiving. In the process, I’ve created one of the largest public web archives in the country, with approximately 550 websites in our archive.

If you’re curious to know more about what I do, please head over to the Arizona Archivy to read the blog post about my work. You can also access our collection here.